Buddhist Saying Translation
The Buddha said… Some guy on the Internet said…
I’m a Buddhist. I like beads and incense.
I’m a meditator. I sit once a month.
Let’s sit for a little while. Let’s sit until our backs ache.
It was an opportunity to be patient. That guy was an asshole.
This is a practice. I want you to do this.
Be mindful of it. Pay attention to it.
What a nice energy. I liked that.
That was unskillful. I didn’t like that.
The mind is like water. The mind is like a greased piglet being chased by screaming children.
Some people might say to do it another way. You have committed a social blunder.
She’s so spiritual. She’s bought a lot of things from DharmaCrafts.
Let’s make a decision. Let’s discuss this at the next five community meetings.
Actually, in our lineage we don’t do it like that. You have committed another social blunder.
This is a form we use. We’ve always done it this way.