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Welcome back to Shambhala News Radio. For those just joining us, we are exploring my new teaching called Driving with the Mind of Meditation.

The average American spends nearly 800 hours per year in traffic, most of which is spent being annoyed, bored, or distracted. What if you could reclaim that dead time for the benefit of all sentient beings? It turns out that you can with driving meditation, which I’ll now describe to you.

We begin by bringing our attention into the car. Feel the weight of your body against the seat, the texture of the steering wheel in your hands, the sensation of your foot pressing the gas pedal. As you merge into the flow of traffic, now would be an appropriate time to open your eyes. Notice the sights and sounds around you without judgment. Other drivers may honk the horn of dharma or make the mudra of single-pointedness to encourage your practice.

As your meditative absorption increases, you may notice flashing blue or red lights. These phenomena are signs of a well-trained mind and should be gently acknowledged before returning your attention to the body.

As you continue your driving meditation further, guardians of the dharma may arise to support you. They can be recognized by their blue uniforms and wrathful demeanors. They will escort you to a private meditation cell, where you can deepen your practice for three to six months. The retreat staff there will provide a phone call, three meals a day, and the occasional body cavity search. Eventually you will return home from your retreat. Afterwards, you will have many opportunities to practice walking meditation, riding the bus meditation, and begging your friends for a ride meditation.

Please join us next time when we discuss Yoga Behind the Wheel, which is an exciting new way to mix vigorous exercise into your morning commute.

Until then, may the Great Eastern Sun illuminate your path.

(Music credit: Numinous River by Francesca Genco)